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Ubuntu Hour Lake Forest, October 7th

We're in the final run up to a very exciting release date. Ubuntu 10.10 is scheduled to be one of the most exciting releases ever. The new Ubuntu experience meets refinements and now with an elegant new font. New software, more polished experiences on the desktop, and a powerful new interface for netbooks called Unity.

Stop on by in Lake Forest for Ubuntu Hour. See the new improvements, find out what's in store for Sunday when the Ubuntu 10.10 is a perfect 10!

The next two Ubuntu Hours are:

Thursday, October 7th, 2010, 6pm - 7pm
Thursday, October 21st, 2010, 6pm - 7pm

The general idea for Ubuntu Hour is that we meet up for an hour someplace public wearing with some Ubuntu stuff visible (some clothing or a sticker or something) and just chat for an hour. We want to be welcoming of those who notice us and are curious about Ubuntu. The next date is:

Not only is it fun to meet local Ubuntu fans, but we can also be a valuable introduction to Ubuntu for others. Wear that cool Ubuntu or Linux shirt or your laptop with the Ubuntu stickers. We'll also follow the Ubuntu Code of Conduct while we're there. Easily summarized as "be excellent to each other," we'll simply be examples of the wonderful Ubuntu community.

Panera Bread is a casual restaurant that has fresh bread, soups, and sandwiches and free wi-fi access. I'll have my laptop and an Ubuntu shirt, so please feel free to come up and say hi. It's also a good chance to bring along friends who are curious about Ubuntu.

Panera Bread - 23592 Rockfield Blvd., Lake Forest, CA

Sometimes Google Maps doesn't like the address itself, so you can use this link to see the correct location on Google Maps -
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